Monday, September 28, 2015

Still fluffing around

I still haven't come up with something to work on. I am going on a long trip and want some handwork but can't come up with a design I like - not that I'm trying that hard.

So today I walked around the garden and took pictures of the lovely spring flowers, in the hopes that something will inspire me.

Silver beet, through the branches of the apple tree. 

My current favourite, eucalyptus blossom. Silver princess, I think.

Love the shadows from this one. 

Nothing so far, I would have to actually draw, or use the photos, but it was a lovely spring day and I enjoyed the garden.


mycamerandme365 said...

Now come on Mary, that 'quill' daisy is gorgeous! I'm sure that you could get a great design going from it and its shadow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary
Have been able to look at your blog more easily now that my iPad is back in action..... I have to agree with the other comment. I think you are spoilt for choice with things to draw on for inspiration in your garden but perhaps that isn't what you are wanting/ needing right now? Methinks you are backing away from drawing ! Why not take a blank A5 book on your travels and just make yourself draw a couple of quick sketches each day. Maybe these could become the basis for a sort of daily embroidered diary of tiny mementoes of your trip. Just a thought! Anyway have a great trip... Pat

Mary said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. The flower is has a name like whirligig - the petals start out rather daisy-like and then curl. They are amazing.
But … have you seen this person's amazing idea??
Her name is Teresa Lim, look her up. But I won't try to emulate her too closely.