Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Paper Flower Making Workshop

We had a lot of fun today, making paper flowers. One of the members of the Alcove Art Shop ran the session. The idea was to learn a new skill (for most of us) and to have a social gathering.
I'm not sure I will go into business making paper flowers but I certainly had a lot of fun.
I am not sure I have much use for paper skills. One of the participants suggested making flowers and decorations for wrapping presents. That seems a lot of work that will most likely be ripped off and thrown away!
I think I will stick to textiles and see if I can adapt any of today's ideas to fabric. But don't hold your breath waiting for me to come up with something brilliant.


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Mary said...

Apologies for the strange setting of the post, I was using my iPad rather than my computer and I haven't quite got my head around how to set it out. It was still a great experience.