Saturday, January 3, 2015

Still looking at the sky.

 The renovations continue. I am doing lots of work in my head, hoping that I will be able to develop some of the ideas once my studio is set up again.
I am still obsessing about skies and clouds and the various colours and patterns you see.

And I am still being influenced by the workshop I did recently with Alison Holt and keep taking photos of the river in case I ever get around to sewing again. The advent of the hot weather is a bit off-putting and I have to put all my stuff back into my studio - once it is available again.
I am hoping to go through my stuff and throw out a lot - maybe that will happen! So I am expecting the sorting to take a fair bit of time, meaning that not much sewing or weaving is going to happen.
I have actually started my My Place tapestry but haven't got far. Now that it is going to be hot I can see that it might be slowed down even more, if that is possible.
Still, one can live in hope.

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