Friday, January 30, 2015

More Group Pressure

My local tapestry weaving group met last weekend. We hadn't expected to as it was the weekend of Australia Day but most of us were not going away and the guild rooms were open. So we met. 

This was another time that I had to organise myself to have something to be going on with. I do have a small piece on the go - the very slow go. The last time I touched it was last year (which isn't all that long ago, I realise), just before Christmas. 
It isn't going to be very big and I had a small piece already on the loom, so I am doing it on top of that. 

Out came the loom, then I had to find the wools.  I couldn't find my design images anywhere. Still haven't found them. 

Fortunately, I had decided that I was getting confused using both my original image and the collage I developed from it, so I had traced another image and roughly coloured it to use as the cartoon that was attached to the loom. 

Once at the guild rooms, I had to use this only. I hadn't intended to use it in isolation, so the cartoon isn't particularly detailed. But we were meeting and everyone was working, so I just had to go with the flow. 

I have even done a little bit more at home. Just a couple of hours. But now I am hopeful that I might get it done by the end of February, in time for the online group's challenge. I have gone in it for the last few years and will be disappointed if I don't get it done this year. It is good to have these deadlines that can seem stressful but are actually inspiring. And only I will be disappointed if I don't do it, there are no sheep stations hanging on getting it done.


Anonymous said...

Your tapestry looks good Mary! Keep at it, a few passes every day .... And hey presto it will be done. Pat

Mary said...

Thanks Pat, I had this idea that I would do at least an hour a day - didn't happen last week, I thought I had better do my homework for my embroidery design course instead. But that is done and I need to focus on the tapestry, I'll try to be less demanding and only aim to do a few hours in the coming week. It is not a very big tapestry, so should be doable. In fact, I should get off the computer and do a bit now!