Monday, April 11, 2011

Phyllis' blog

I found Phyllis' blog today, more information on the vest book as well as some detail about her doll making using needle felting techniques.

I am playing around with ideas for our Play assignment, not settled on anything yet.  I have had fun going through an old Golden Hands Encyclopaedia of Craft magazines that I collected many years ago.  I still remember the enjoyment of going to the newsagent's to get the latest one.
There are some amazingly ghastly things in it but there are also quite a few articles that I have found of interest during the years of doing this course. I am currently highlighting articles about making soft toys as that is a direction I could go with the assignment.
The magazine had a huge array of crafts you could try.  I have seen some of them then collected into books, mainly patchwork, knitting and weaving.
I found a link to someone's blog while searching for Golden Hands craft magazines, with some knitted dolls on it.

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