Saturday, April 9, 2011


Our new assignment for Design Concepts and Applications (taught by Ilka White) is based on Play.  One of the things for us to research is dolls and I have found that Phyllis does felted dolls.  She told us that they all tend to look like her. She says her latest one looks very like her but I haven't seen it, so I can't comment.

As a primary teacher (in my former life), we often did a theme based on toys, leisure or play.  So I will have to see if I have any notes or references from then to help me in my work now.

I still have my bride doll that I was given for my 8th birthday - I learnt to knit by making her clothes.  They involved different stitches and patterns but were of a size that was achievable.  
I am pretty sure that they were all Patons patterns.
Most of the clothes are lost now but, as you can see, she still has some of them.
She used to have an overcoat to match the hat and I distinctly remember making a little singlet, maybe underpants too.
She still has her veil but it is starting to shred.


parlance said...

I remember that singlet!

Mary said...

I was a plain knit, as I remember it. I think the underpants matched it.