Monday, July 12, 2010

New tapestry

I have started on a new piece of tapestry weaving, based on a picture I took of some bark.  I am having fun working out colours.  I also want to experiment with texture and am playing around with some different techniques as well as different yarns that have some texture in them.
I got some of the yarns at the Ballarat Fibre Forum, intending to use them in embroidery but they seem to be suitable for what I am attempting.  I got them from Rae of Rae's Rags, she has some beautiful yarns and now I have found a reason to play with them.
Once again, the piece will be about the size of an A4 piece of paper.  I am using 6 strands of Victorian Tapestry Workshop wool, so I expect it to grow more quickly than my previous work.


parlance said...

So far it looks great.

therigatha said...

I love the textures in this piece Mary

Mary said...

Thanks both of you,
I am loving playing with texture. I think I might try a few tapestries that experiment with different techniques to produce texture.