Monday, June 7, 2010

Rainbow Lorikeets

I have just been for a walk at Yarra Bend park and we got quite close to some rainbow lorikeets  (there are some beautiful pictures at this link).  They just sat in the branch above our heads and I was able to take a picture despite having to mess around with camera settings in the gathering dark. They were totally unfazed by two humans and a dog looking up at them.

I am considering doing another tapestry weaving of bark or a tree trunk, so I was pleased to get the picture of the tree they were in also.  I really love some of the eucalyptus barks, their colours can be amazing, not at all what you expect to see in tree bark.
I have finished the pieces I am going to hand in and have them sewn up, ready for mounting.  Now I have to work out how I want to do that.  Decisions, decisions.

Screen Print has been dominating my thinking this past week - we have to print a repeat length of the design we have come up with, as well as 4 colourways.  Those people who think tapestry weaving is slow and frustrating should take a good look at screen print!!  There is so much waiting around - and so much that can go wrong.  I will be very glad when I have printed the length and can relax again.


parlance said...

Eucalyptus bark. Somehow that stirs an old memory about Agatha Christie. I think she visited Australia one time and said our trees look like negatives of black and white photos.

I had trouble finding anything on the net about her visit. This was the only one I could find with a quick lookaround -

Mary said...

Parlance, I haven't looked at your link yet. My vague memory of an overseas author commenting about the ghostly gums and the negative look (as in negative photo) was Mark Twain, but I am not even sure that photography was big in his time and if negative images would have been around.