Saturday, June 24, 2017

Collage without concentration

We had our tapestry group meeting today. We have been talking, in a desultory way, about using collage as a design tool.
After the bulk of our meeting, and after a few members had to leave, three of us spent some time discussing the benefits of collage and actually working on the idea.
One of our members had come prepared - with notes, papers, glue-stick and scissors.

We drew three 10cm squares each and randomly (very randomly, in my case) found a magazine with an interesting image(s) that we then proceeded to cut or tear up.
The idea was to have the 10cm squares not near the edge of the paper so we wouldn't be constrained by the need to fit the image into the edges, something that I had read previously. (I haven't cut mine to be square yet, may do so, may not bother.)

I wasn't really concentrating, was NOT going to continue my theme for my month of collages (it has to be revealed to the other group first) and so just picked an image from a skateboarding magazine (of all things).

I put glue on the square, ripped some paper up and came up with three pieces.

I probably won't use them in a tapestry, or a machine embroidery, but it did show me a little bit about my design process - a bit random really. I was just using one photo, trusting that the photographer is an artist and that the magazine designer is one too. So I felt that I could count on the colour co-ordination, the overall artistic base that I was using.

One of them speaks to me in terms of being chaotic - in an interesting way. So ... maybe it will inspire me to something.

Whether it does or not, it was a very enjoyable process, much more than just doing it by myself. There is benefit from doing it alone but there is also benefit from just doing it in a less concentrated way - because we were chatting about various things (mostly to do with the design process, colour choices, etc), watching what the others were doing and being creative together.

In fact, it was so enjoyable that we took a bit long and stayed till closing time! (Maybe a little bit past closing time - sorry ladies.)

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