Friday, November 11, 2016

Post card swap 3

I have sent all my postcards and have received most of my return ones.
So here are the pictures of all the ones I sent.
Free motion sewing on soluble fabric, using some sari silk ribbons and yarns. Dyed silk background. 

Based on fossil idea. Silk roving, chiffon, silk, scrim. Some hand sewing.

Silk hankies, free motion sewing, silhouette done with black fabric, free motion sewing to attach. 
They were sent rather randomly, I didn't have any particular reason for sending different ones to different people.
A couple were sent to New Zealand, so I tried to make them either the Melbourne skyline or based on central Australia.

It was quite good fun to make them. They are quite small, 10x15cm (postcard size). It was a bit of a challenge to make them fit the smaller format in some cases.
But it was a great opportunity to play with ideas and techniques.

I have received most of mine now and am feeling inspired to try some new techniques or to revive some old ones.
It has been quite a challenge to do so many but it has also been very exciting to receive them all in the mail.


mycamerandme365 said...

Well done Mary, they all look lovely!

Mary said...

Thanks, now I am feeling mildly inspired to make a few more pieces, maybe to put into a frame. I will have to decide what technique to use first, always a big decision.

theregatha said...

beautiful! I am left wondering if there was an inscription on the other side, and what it might have said.... Can't decide which set are my favorite. These would make wonderful gift cards as well.