Monday, July 29, 2013

Why blog?

I haven't blogged for over a week now.  I have been in a bit of a creative slump, in terms of doing my textiles and in terms of blogging.
It is not as if I haven't had inspiration, in the last two weeks I have been to the Bendigo Wool Show, the Craft and Quilt Fair and the Monet exhibition at the NGV.  All interesting and inspiring, in different ways.
Here are some pictures of one of the challenges at the Quilt show, it was based on a plate.  There were many lovely and interesting ones.  These are just two I took photos of.  The first one reminds me of crockery my mother had and I felt a twinge of quilting interest reviving.

Judith Williams

The second one is quite humorous while commenting on the pest that rabbits are in Australia. 
Anne Sushames

I have been dilly dallying about getting the final part of my current assignment done - it is supposed to be a machine embroidery 3D object with some hand embroidery included. I had been working away very happily on experimenting with the samples required, including hand embroidery.  That latter requirement slowed me down but I have got it almost done.

But making a 3D object has been preying on my mind - with no good ideas developing.  I have finally decided to just do something and hope I can make it into a 3D object.  More on that later, when I eventually get it made (I hope!).

After I decided on an idea, based on something I had done in the past, I was very pleased to be able to find images and ideas about it quite easily - because I had blogged about it!!  I have lots of visual diaries on the shelf but I had no idea where some of my images and articles are.  It was daunting to think of going through them all, looking for particular ideas I know I played around with.  But the blog is searchable - what a bonus.

I have often thought of my blog as a visual diary and now it has proven to be very good in that respect.  I read another blog where the person was wondering why she keeps a blog and I was beginning to wonder if I should keep going. Now I am feeling inspired to continue.  Finally being back experimenting and creating is good too, I feel more likely to post. Blogging makes me look at things around me slightly differently - so I hope the inspiration continues to revive.


parlance said...

How about posting a picture of one of those plates?

Michelle said...

Yeah, I know what you mean - the blogging universe becomes a popularity contest. I received an email today from someone who was asking if I do 'sponsorship' on my blog ... whatever that means! I replied that my blog is for documenting my own creative processes and for random musings, not for profit. So I guess I just figured out why I blog :P

Mary said...

Parlance, I will try to take a decent photo of a plate or cup. I have one that is not much chop, if it still exists and wasn't taken before I erased all my images.

Michelle, I suppose I have found what I use it for - it is for me and those few who might be interested. Not for my family and many of my friends, as most of them are not interested in textiles, it is just a good way of reflecting on what is going on in my textile life.

Gina E. said...

I'm with you, Mary. I write my blogs for a couple of reasons. Firstly to document what I've made, and while it's nice if other people see it and post comments, fine, but if they don't I'm not fussed.
The other main blog is about my day to day life, and I used that as a base for letters to friends who don't have a computer (and yes I have several older friends who are NOT online.