Thursday, February 7, 2013

Finding interesting designs around us

A friend has been visiting Australia accompanied by Marck Webster, an artist based in New York. He showed us some of his work.  It made me look around me with new eyes (if only I could actually have new eyes!).  One of his pieces had a manhole cover.
I then noticed these two interesting shapes in the footpath in the local shopping centre.

Someone also sent me a link to a tutorial on Redbubble, about using the macro setting on your camera to take images to be used as backgrounds in your art.

The above images seemed to link to this quite well - in my mind, at least.

I had also taken a photo of a gum leaf during the week.  It has an amazing shape. I must have been in a looking mood this week.


parlance said...

Here's hoping you stay in your looking mood.

Mary said...

Thanks Parlance, but now I may have to DO something with the things I saw. Maybe not, maybe I should just enjoy the sights around me and stop thinking that I have to be doing and making. Just relax, chill out - which would be nice in this summery weather.

Maureen Morriss said...

The eyes really do have it! Thanks for sharing Mary and opening our eyes as well!! Love the gum leaf! I know you have a fascination for them which I too share!
Keep a look out! MM