Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Still looking at podcasts

I am still looking around at podcasts. I went to the tutorial on how to podcast and am convinced now that I do not want to make one. I don't have a topic of interest. But I did listen to a few. As I come from an educational background, I can see that you could make purposeful podcasts as part of your curriculum. There is an example here from Brunswick East Primary School, where the grade 3&4 children were working with a grade 3&4 group in the United States of America.
I also listened to a podcast about education ABC. However, I found that I am not used to just listening, I like to have pictures to go with my audio, and I found it hard to stay focused. I have heard that podcasts can also have pictures with them but have not come across any yet (not that I've looked very hard).

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