Saturday, October 13, 2018

The vessel in situ

I didn't realise that I had not posted a picture of the final vessel. I ended up calling it Learning Curve, because it was so not perfect! And there is much improvement to make.
Seeing it is a members' exhibition and it is not juried, I thought I would put it in anyway. It looks ok from a distance.
I am telling people I have put it in to encourage all members to exhibit, not to be put off by the high standard of all the other pieces!
Here it is, with some other pieces that gave us a lovely little coloured corner.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Change of seasons confirmed.

The Grand Final was last weekend.
This weekend there was cricket being played.

We went for a walk, not strenuous due to the warmer weather, and found some gorgeous oak trees in bud.
I am trying to work out how to work some of the images into a series of work - it is called Macro/Micro.
I have earlier pictures of acorns sprouting (micro?) and am thinking of using some images of full-grown oak trees. So I was taking pictures as we strolled around.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Exhibition at the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria.

I have been busy the last couple of weeks, getting ready for the members' exhibition at the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria, then working on hanging the entries.
It has all been worth it, the opening last night was great. 

I had three pieces in the exhibition and one in the Challenge - that kept me busy. 
One of our recent Play Days had been about making felt bowls, using a template that one of the members had drawn up. I used that as my shape. I used a pair of earrings I have as the design inspiration. I drew the design onto soluble fabric, sewed it and then rinsed the soluble fabric away. The template worked wonderfully, allowing me to sew the various sides together. 

 Here it is, pinned out so that it would maintain its shape as it dried.

The shadows were a surprise - a welcome surprise. 
The vessel got made. I wasn't entirely happy with its construction, so it is Not For Sale. 

I put in the folding book I made a little while ago. 

I made a wall hanging based on Art Deco shapes. 

Oops, it seems to be upside down, not that it matters. It doesn't have the border on it in this picture and I don't seem to have any from the exhibition. We have a drawer at the guild with fabrics that people are giving away. The striped fabric at the top and the zigzag at the bottom were from that drawer. 

I was going to demonstrate machine embroidery today but it turned out we had two people booked, so I came home and sewed anyway. 
I wanted to make a piece for our Machine Embroidery group, which meets tomorrow. The theme is the Firebird Suite (I hope). 
I found an image at 123RF, which allows you to pay for downloads and then you can use them. 

My piece was put together, design-wise, rather hastily last night as I thought I would be doing it at the guild. I didn't change anything and just made it today. It is another A5 piece. I will have to work out a way to display them one day, I suppose. 
It hasn't turned out how I envisaged it would but that is part of the learning.

I may be all sewn out now. I will have to see how I go after the next few days. The exhibition is on until the 20th and I will be involved on various days, so I envisage some more thinking and planning of projects.