Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here I am again, pretty sure I am the only person who ever goes to this blog and I'm only going because I'm in between doing things and pretty bored. Why would anyone find this? The question arises because I have just been to mydog blog and someone had found it and commented - I am wondering how people find blogs.
There has been a bit in the papers recently about blogs and how not private they are, how people can assume they are private but that they could be found, so I am very unlikely to ever put anything interesting or personal up, even though I am fairly certain that no-one visits.
The library Web2 course is well and truly over but we still get emails about social sites. When I go to look at them I am usually overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there is that I could be spending my time on! I don't usually stay, I find that I would rather be reading a book.