Monday, September 5, 2011

Textile exhibition at Yarra Glen


Last week a friend and I called in at the Acme et al gallery in Yarra Glen to see the Common Thread exhibition. There were works from a variety of artists, showing various types of textile arts.

Gayle Burgess

Unfortunately, it has finished now but here are some pictures (yes, I did ask) to give you a taste of the work.  Each artist had a different textile technique and the work was wonderful.

Jude Craig 
There was felting, dyeing using recycled materials, rug weaving, hand embroidery, free motion machine sewing, lace making, spinning and knitting, tunisian crochet, crochet and beading.
Anne Churches

I hope  I have remembered all the techniques, there were quite a few to take notice of. It was great to see so many different artists in a group show.  Some work was for sale and many of the artists also had other work for sale in the shop.
Another interesting thing was that the shop had books on sale that reflected the type of show that was on.  I called in again this week to have another look, only to discover it had finished, and I noticed that the books for sale now are not the same, presumably they are selected to go with the new exhibition that starts next week. I think they get their books from The Avenue bookstore.

Meg Lowery
Some of the pieces incorporated several textile techniques, making them mixed media I suppose. (I always used to think of mixed media as being video, sound, animation, etc.  Same term used in different contexts.)
I have only put a selection of artists' work here, for some fabulous photos of the exhibition, go to this blog.


parlance said...

There's some lovely work on display.

Mary said...

Yes, and I have only put up a few of the amazing images. It was well worth the visit.

Glennis said...

Hi Mary
What an amazing exhibition; the sad thing is that we only find out about them when they are finished. Love the photographs.


Mary said...

Yes, Glennis, I was sorry to tell everyone about it too late. I even took someone to it early in September and it was closed! Very disappointing. I had been looking forward to visiting it again.

therigatha said...

Hi Mary,
looks fabulous, shame we missed it. do you know how the piece by Meg Lowery was created? Looks like some exotic form of macrame" or sprang. Love to know more

Mary said...

therigatha, I think it is machine free motion work done on soluble, then set between two pieces of clear perspex.